Frequently Asked Questions

How to arrange for delivery/collection?

+ Call 6-848-4898 or 6-848-4894 and place your order, our operators are on standby

What Info is required when arranging for delivery/collection?

+ Your Name
+ Your Company Name
+ Delivery/Collection Address
+ Service required : Normal | Urgent | Express
+ Additional instruction : (make payment, collect BL)
+ Any time to avoid (eg. Lunch time)
+ Any particular contact person to meet/call for collection of item

How do you calculate time of activation? 

+ Activation starts from the moment item is ready for pick up
+ You may refer to delivery chart for the estimated time of delivery/collection

Can I get cheaper rate for bulk deliveries?

+ Yes, you may contact us for bulk delivery rates

Can I arrange for rider to report on a fixed time daily?

+ Yes. Four pick up time to choose subjected to total deliveries per month(refer to delivery chart for pick up time)
+ 200 or more deliveries/month, one fixed pick up time daily
+ 300 or more deliveries/month, two fixed pick up time daily
+ 400 and above deliveries/month, three or four fixed pick up time daily

Will you charge me for any return trip(eg. deliver cheque for payment and collect delivery order)?

+ Return trip cost is FOC
+ Minimum 30 deliveries per month
+ Refer to delivery chart for return trip time

Can I call to track the status of pickup or delivery?

+ Call our hotline, provide company name & consignment note no. We will track it and get back to you the soonest

Credit term payment application?

+ We will email you the credit form upon request
+ You can start using our services on credit terms once you email/fax the completed copy back to us
+ Monthly invoice with proof of delivery(consignment note) will be delivered to you
+ Customer with less than 30 deliveries will receive invoice thru email
+ Payment can be made by giro or by cheque within 30 days from invoice date

When can we receive the consignment booklet upon sending credit form?

+ We will deliver the consignment booklet upon receiving your first delivery order
+ Consignment booklet can be delivered in advance upon request

Can you deliver oversize items?

+ Weight limit for bike service is 2kg, additional S$3.00/kg for item exceeding weight limit(capped at 5kg max)
+ Size limit measurement is 30cm x 30cm x 10cm(arch file), additional S$3.00/arch file(capped at 3 arch file max)
+ Any item exceeding capped weight & size is subjected to van service charges

Any minimum amount of deliveries per month?

+ Minimum 30 deliveries or more to enjoy S$6.00 flat rate island wide
+ Additional S$2.00 per consignment for 30 deliveries & below

Do you deliver to restricted area(Jurong Island, Sentosa, Airport and Cargo Complex)?

+ Additional S$10.00 per consignment note for deliveries to restricted area

Compensation Liability?

+ Payment of compensation is limited to a maximum amount of SGD50.00 per consignment note or the declared value of the
   package whichever is lower
+ All claims for loss must be made in writing within 3 days from the date TCC accepts the job, failing which TCC shall have no
   liability whatsoever
+ All claims must be accompanied by the consignment note & supporting document that can substantiate the value of the lost
  item, failing which the claim will be considered null and void

If wrong address, will the rider redirect the item?

+ Operator will contact you to inform
+ We will deliver to the next location upon receiving instruction from you
+ FOC if redirect to same building, additional flat rate charges otherwise

Alternatively, you may complete the enquiry form, and we will get back to you the soonest.